Concluding Integration Workshop

The concluding integration workshop will seek to bring together the different elements of the conference:

  • the discussions that will have taken place over five separate but related scientific sessions
  • the multiple agendas to which we will have been exposed (academia, government, service, policy, possibly industry)
  • the perspectives of different stakeholders (researchers, patients/care-givers, health professionals, educators, trainees)

To accomplish this integration, a panel of researchers and stakeholders who will have attended the full conference and are able to bring a high-level approach to integrating the program will be assembled to lead a broad and interactive discussion, that welcomes input from conference attendees, on key questions based on themes that arose during the conference.

Ultimately, the workshop will provide the panelists an opportunity to generate a scholarly and publishable report that presents a consensus vision for moving our field forward.

Wylie Burke, University of Washington
Tim Caulfield, University of Alberta
Ida Goodreau, University of British Columbia
Matthew Smith, Genetic Alliance